Samba City is the home of the production units of all the principal Rio samba schools. It also serves as a tourist attraction to entertain plus to introduce visitors to the production activities of the samba schools.

Carnival Shows

Thursdays on January 8h and 22th
21:00 Live old-samba music (pagode)
22:00 Parade with 80 members and visitors´ participation with fireworks
A large variety of samba music is played, including the old genre called pagode.
Carnival performances and displays include samba dancers, drummers and percussionists, masters of ceremonies (flag-bearers with their escorts), the Whirling Ladies and some celebrities of the Rio samba world.
And there is a mini-parade to close out the evening.
Admission: R$150.00 and R$75.00 for Rio residents (includes free buffet)
Box office from 19:00
Doors open at 20:00